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Inspiring sustainable events that help people and organisations achieve their best version.

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Just Dance

A professional dance contest with an American vintage format.

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Evento Corporativo Casino Entertainmnets


The teams have a starting balance in chips and a clear objective… to be the winners of the night!

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Evento de Team Building Art Challenge

Art Challenge

Art Challenge is an arty team building event that will unleash the creativity. Online version available.

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GPS Treasure Hunt

A fun, intelligent, challenging and interactive Team Building Event involving orientation, communication, problem solving, planning…

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iTeam © The Last Hope for Mankind

An Outdoor Escape Room event that will take you to visit iconic locations in the heart of the city

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Sitges 1492

Desde el primer momento los equipos comienzan a trabajar consiguiendo objetivos en equipo

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A Journey Through Time | Team Building Event

A Journey Through Time

An exraordinary event with a daring twist particularly appealing to international groups wanting to have fun while discovering the local history

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Evento de Team Building Cata de Vinos

Wine Tasting

If you are looking for a team activity around the world of wine, we offer you two types of events.

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Batucada is a collaborative workshop in which participants use different percussion instruments to create a rhythm.

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Team Building Events anywhere in Spain

We deliver services anywhere in Spain including the Balearic and Canary Islands. 

CaixaBank explored the crater of an impressive volcano with our team, PepsiCo had a great time sculpting the Sagrada Familia in the sand of the Barceloneta Beach, Izasa organized a glamorous Film Festival at the Porta Fira Hotel with an impact “20 times greater than expected”, Roche visited some idyllic vineyards next to the Muntanya de Montserrat…
From an Outdoor Training with the Mind Coach of the 3 times Badminton World Champion Carolina Marín to a Film Festival in the impressive Casino of Madrid (1836), you have everything here! Google neutralised a cyber attack as part of our challenging City Gaming iTeam ©, Coronita shared 50 bicycles and hundreds of smiles with 50 underpriviledge children…
RedBull entrusted us with the organisation of the Training Program Robinson RedBull in the island of Menorca, Pullmantur an extraordinary Film Festival for 1000+ participants over 7 days along the Mediterranean, Häagen Dazs solved our classic Murder on the Trans-Siberian Express in Alicante, IBM Danced away in…

Variety of Team Building Events

The potencial of Team Building Events in contexts such as Training & Development, Leisure & Entertainment, Charity & Corporate Social Responsibility or Sportive is outstanding. Here are some ideas for your Team Building Events in Madrid, Barcelona or anywhere in Spain


Incentive Team Building

Our Team Building Events specially designed to be part of an Incentive Travel are very special events with the added values of reward and motivation through a unique, fun and creative team experience. Fly over a volcano crater aboard a hot air balloon; cast off and set sailing aboard a magnificent classic sailing yacht and enjoy breathtaking land and seascapes!


Indoor Team Building

Take a behind the scenes look at our indoor events and find out why clients from the UK, Germany, France or USA choose our events for their meetings in Spain. Many of our indoor events are classics that have been running for years like our regarded professional Film Festival, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts ©. Legendary TV Contests, casino, art challenge… feel the difference!


Outdoor Team Building

Team Building Events embodying an outstanding opportunity for an off the beaten track experience exploring areas of special beauty in Spain. From volcanoes and stunning beech forests settled over lava flows to rivers and valleys, with an abundance of wildlife, we can offer you an array of magnificent settings across Spain for your Outdoor Team Building Event!


Team Building & CSR

Our team strives every day to make Uno + Uno Team a professional company, family-responsible and committed to its social environment. A clear commitment to innovation and a great desire to improve our society  led us to develop a range of Responsible Team Building Events with the participation of NGOs such as CI. To find out more please contact our CSR department.


Sports Events

Organize a Sports Event and live the magic of sport with your teammates in top-notch sport venues around Spain. Federated referees, personalised sports equipment. Soccer, Padel, tennis, basketball… At Uno+Uno Team we would be most delighted to organise your company sports tournament or off-site


Overseas Events

We hold strong partnerships in the United Kingdom and France that enable us to deliver outstanding events in those countries. If you are planning an event abroad and would like to take your trustworthy supplier with you, we would be delighted to help.


Expert Workshops

The true asset of companies is people. Discover our portfolio of innovative Expert Workshops and Training Programs facilitated by elite athletes, university professors, recognised trainers and people of extraordinary influence in their respective professional areas

Desbloquea los-superpoderes del sueño workshop bienestar corporativo

Unlock the Superpowers of Sleep

Unleash the potential of your team through sleep and well-being. A wellness corporate workshop led by health professionals boasting 65 years of cumulative wisdom in health and sleep.

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Reinventing Organizations

The true asset of companies is people. Reinventing Organisations is a workshop facilitated by an ex-elite athlete, international with the Spanish Basketball Team. The conference includes case studies, crisis management, storytelling and dynamic and participatory talks.

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LEGO® Serious Play®

LEGO® Serious Play®

The LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® (LSP) Methodology is a high-impact tool to facilitate effective teamwork. Optimise reflection, communication and problem solving in business, sports, academic or any other teamwork based context with a trained LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® facilitator.

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Workshop Design Thinking para Empresas

Design Thinking

Design thinking is an extraordinary tool to enhance creative confidence, optimal collaboration and experimentation. With Design Thinking you can create fitted solutions where even failure soon acquires a strategic role.

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Robinson Crusoe

Your team is completely alone on a virgin island of extraordinary beauty with no water, food or shelter in sight.

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Outdoor Challenge Team Building

Outdoor Challenge

An Orienteering Team Building Event embodying an outstanding opportunity for an off the beaten track experience…

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News and Press Releases

Follow the most relevant news on Sustainable Events, Expert Workshops, Corporate Sports Events and Team Building Events in Madrid, Barcelona or anywhere in Spain with our News and Press Releases Blog.


LEGO® Serious Play® Workshop in Barcelona

On March 30, 2023, we delivered a LEGO® Serious Play® workshop in Barcelona for an international group of 30 people. The workshop facilitator (Certified LEGO® Serious Play® Coach), which was facilitated in English, designed the program according to…

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Event Management Services

We provide full Event Management services for all our events in Madrid, Barcelona or anywhere in Spain

Producción Audiovisual

Audiovisual Production

Our team creates quality audio-visual content for your events and social networks working closely with you to define the narrative of your productions.

Sonido e Iluminación

Sound & Lighting

We are an experienced and reliable company able to handle any audio visual equipment and event production request, no matter how big or small.


Food & Beverage

Let us book for you the finest and more authentic restaurants all over Spain.

Merchandising - Master Chef


Do you want to turn your office colleagues into South Welsh Knights? or Maybe expert cooks for a day?

Espacios Exclusivos


Let our team take care of the reservation of top-notch venues and accommodation for your event.



We organise the transport of your guests to the event. Collective transport is more cost-effective, more reliable and more environmentally friendly.

Sustainable Events

Let us help you organise an economically, socially and environmentally responsible event and send a clear message of commitment with the SDG´s to your team. Since our first steps in 2006, economic, social and environmental responsibility have been part of the DNA of our company and its trademarks Uno+Uno Team ® The Team Building Co. and Uno Kids ® Play, Learn. Since January 2021, all our events are sustainable, which means that they are carbon neutral and that, depending on the chosen activity, they contribute to achieving one or more Sustainable Development Goals (2030 Agenda).

We eliminate more CO2 than we emil. Since January 1, 2020 all our events are carbon neutral. First of all, we work every day to reduce our emissions as much as possible. We offset the emissions that we cannot eliminate. We remove much more CO2 from the atmosphere than we emit. As of September 1, 2023, we have planted 2,323 trees that offset 1,317.89 tCO2 in addition to the dozens of trees that the participants of our events have planted by hand locally, which is equivalent to 2.32 reforested hectares. Here you can see the impact of our tree planting program: