Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting is a fun, informative and interactive introduction to the amazing wines of Spain. A wine-themed team-building event with a touch of elegance and distinction lasting 2 hours. The event is delivered by highly qualified and well regarded experts. Experienced wine-tasters and wine educators with years of professional study and work experience in the wine sector.

We strive to give our guests a fun, informative and interactive introduction to the amazing wines of Spain. The event would start with a brief, multi-media presentation on the Spanish wine scene. Following, there will be an interactive, guided tasting of 4-6 wines, including a challenging team-building activity. The most valuable element of a wine-themed team-building activity is that it promotes teamwork in a fun, informal, and very interactive atmosphere. For the team- building activity, we divide the group into small teams and require them compete with the other teams in 2 different activities. This requires each person to get involved and participate fully in their team, and the team to put into practice leadership and decision-making concepts.

Event Format

Professional Workshop led by a Wine Expert


Minimum: 15 - Maximum: 50

Running Time

2H | Adaptable from 30Min to 2H

Key Elements

Blind Tasting, Games

The first activity serves four to six wines blind in pairs and requires each team to identify the wines. Our expert picks pairs of wines that contrast and gives the groups the theoretical and practical tools they need to identify the wines. Our expert also provides constant guidance during the activity, ensuring team participation. The second activity centers around the sensorial analysis of wine aromas. Each team will be provided with a set of flasks containing typical aromas found in wine. Together they must reach a consensus as to what aromas they have been assigned. The two activities are very challenging, yet success is attainable if the team works together. Any particular team values that the company wants stressed can be introduced into the presentation of the activities.

For the wines we propose to serve 4-6 wines from around Spain. The wines are high quality wines that provide a good introduction to the excellent wines and remarkable value found here in Spain. Examples of Crianza and Reserva wines will be served; we like to show the whole range of quality in Spanish wines, from inexpensive wines to some ultra-premium wines. The idea is to cover the whole Spanish wine scene through the wines presented. Usually the more traditional areas, such as Rioja and Ribera will be included but also a sampling of the many rising stars, such as Priorat, Somontano, Bierzo, Jumilla, La Mancha, and the very trendy wine category of Vino de la Tierra.



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