Cocktail Team

Cocktail Team
Cocktail Team is a fun, informative and glamorous evening event that can be run both indoors or outdoors along with a top-notch cocktail dinner. In Cocktail Team your colleagues will be given the opportunity to show everybody how cool barmen they can make. We can organise Cocktail Team in many different ways depending mainly on your group size, your agenda and the goals to be achieved with your event. The event starts with a professional bartender exhibition, making everybody get into the groove. We can also arrange a flair-bartender intro show. Cocktail Team will give your guests an informative first approach to cocktail flavours, mixtures and their balance.

Event Format

Professional Workshop


Minimum: 15 - Maximum: 100

Running Time


Key Elements

Master Class, Team Competition, Creativity, Innovation, Fun, Everning Event

As an example, we can get all teams to design and elaborate a very special cocktail representing the company ́s identity. At the end of the evening teams present their creation and explain the audience the underlying rational for them to design that particular a cocktail… flavours, colours, spirits, aromas… and how they correspond to the company ́s identity. The jury, formed by a member of each team and our professional bartenders, taste each cocktail and a winner is elected rewarding the cocktail ́s quality and the analogies between the ingredients and the company values. An event not to be missed!



If you need a space for your event, we will present you the best options.


Getting the accommodation type right is key,
leave it to us.


Collective transportation is more ecological and facilitates the organization of your event.

Photography and Video

Our professional filmmakers and photographers will make your event unforgettable.


A coffee break, a working lunch, a gala dinner ... our team takes care of everything.


Give a magical touch to your event with corporate polo shirts, waterproofs ... or very special prizes.

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