Bushcraft Challenge

Bushcraft Challenge

Have you ever wondered what life would have been like before the invention of Electricity, Television, or even Matches? Or have you ever considered the possibility of finding yourself trapped in a wilderness environment without the modern technology we all take for granted? Could you survive?

Bushcraft is the art of learning to live comfortably in a wilderness environment using the minimum of modern equipment. Bushcraft is not a spectator sport. The emphasis is on realistic practical experience. Skilled instructors from Dryad BushCraft in collaboration with our team of professionals will be on hand to assist you every step of the way. Learning to live comfortably in the outdoors does not require supernatural abilities, but a practical understanding of the basic principles and techniques that will enable you to adapt confidently to any environment.

Event Format

Bushcraft Challenge I Wilderness-based Team Workshop


Minimum: 15 - Maximum: 50

Running Time


Key Elements

Wilderness, Adaptating to Change, Survival, Nature, Teamwork, Team Empowerment

We offer a range of specialised courses and workshops covering subjects such as Fire Lighting, Wilderness Gourmet, Fungi Forage, Primitive and Modern Traps and Tracking Techniques, Bow Making, Traditional Country Crafts, Disaster Preparedness and many other subjects. We have found that the most effective methods of developing a cohesive team are often the most simple.

Objectives such as fire-lighting and shelter building achieve tangible results, and create a sense of unity within a group of people in ways that could not be achieved through traditional team building activities. It can also bring out personal qualities and attributes that may not be apparent within a normal working environment.

Contact us for a tailored Bushcraft Challenge; we will find the best environment near your venue and we will design the activity basing on the standards you require.



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