Online Team Building

online team building events

Online Team Building

Innovative event formats to unite and energise teams that work remotely.  Discover our Portfolio of Online Team Building Events 2020.  From online team workshops or charity/CSR events to training, wellness or entertainment events with zero risk of Covid-19 transmission and at much more competitive prices than traditional face-to-face events.

Event Format

100% Online.

Running Time

From 30min to 2H.
Regular activities also available (i.e.: Wellness & Mindfulness 2 days a week)


Min: 6 - Max: No set limit

Key elements

Unite teams that work remotely, Training, CSR, Fun, Well-being, Teamwork, Sense of Belonging, Charity, Team Empowerment.

events portfolio

We have also extraordinary off-catalog events. Please contact us to receive a personalised proposal within 24H.

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La Bicicleta Solidaria

Charity Team Building

CSR Events to reduce the gap that Covid-19 has opened in vulnerable Primary Schools in Spain and abroad | Nature-Fiendly CSR events to help preserve local biodiversity.

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Reinventing Organizations

The true asset of companies is people. Reinventing Organisations is a workshop facilitated by an ex-elite athlete, international with the Spanish Basketball Team. The conference includes case studies, crisis management, storytelling and dynamic and participatory talks.

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Workshop Design Thinking para Empresas

Design Thinking

Design thinking is an extraordinary tool to enhance creative confidence, optimal collaboration and experimentation. With Design Thinking you can create fitted solutions where even failure soon acquires a strategic role.

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Spanish MasterChef & Gourmet

Any delicacy has a place in this event, from regional culinary traditions to modern cuisine.

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Enjoy sports with your coworkers and promote the practice of sport by organizing a Corporate Paddle Tournament

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Feel the strength of your team with the Haka Ka Mate, the format of the event can be competitive or collaborative.

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