Sand Sculpting

Sand Sculpting

Sand Sculpting is a creative team building event especially suited to take place during the summer months and the beginning of autumn when the sun is at its most pleasant temperature and the beaches, being almost deserted, are a fantastic setting for the event. During the proposed sand sculpture event, a joint team effort will give the result of a genuine work of art that will astound all the participants.

Divided into groups, the participants will sculpt various sand castles (all types of sculptures) under the attentive tutelage of our Sand Artists, which will guarantee you a spectacular sculpture that no-one would have ever thought possible.

Event Format

Sand Sculpture Workshop


Minimum: 15 - Maximum: 500+

Running Time

3H | Adaptable from 2H to 4H

Key Elements

Beach, Creativity, Teamwork, Team Empowerment

The Robert Meredith BelbinRoles’ Theory® describes the “specialist” as a necessary part, but not enough acting alone, at the heart of any team. In Sand Sculptures, the teams should integrate a new person into their team, our Sand Artist who will take on the role as the specialist within the team. From then on the participants will have the opportunity to optimize their teams’ performance; designing, creating and finally presenting their particular work of art.

Sand Sculpting as an event holds a number of surprises by using classic team building exercises and elements of teamwork that will give the participants the energy to develop the event, cool-down and perform the presentation as a clearly singular team challenge.

The winning team of the Sand Sculpting event will be the creators of the winning sculpture which shall be elected by the Artists, taking into account the creativity, the technical skills used and of course the final result; but the teams collectively will have in return the vision of a singular landscape of beach sculptures: a city of castles in the sand, a zoo with different animals, a replica of the HQ of their company or even its logo, caricatures of the management staff…. Sand Sculpting Team Building Event coming soon… to a beach of your choice!



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