Sailing Challenge

Sailing Challenge

An outstanding Outdoor Training run by Sailing & Coaching professionals combining the lure of sailing with the learning power of the outdoors. – Minimum/Maximum number of participants: 10-21 – Destinations: Catalonia, Valencia, Murcia, Andalusia and the Basque Country. – Sailing experience: Not necessary – Duration: Half a day

The Sailing In this outdoor training your team will learn the basics of sailing. Unless otherwise advised, all terms will be defined assuming you are all complete newcomers to the sport. Sailing is easy, but becoming truly expert can take years. There’s always something more to learn…once you catch the sailing bug you’ll want to learn it all! The Director of Sailing will brief all teams on the Basic Principles of Sailing Yachts: Sailing Downwind, Sailing Upwind, Reaching – Sailing across the Wind, Stopping… Once these principles are mastered, you will have the basic knowledge required to sail off, turn round and return. Sailing is an active sport and racing particularly does require a certain level of fitness and mobility for each of the crew to move around the boat and to pull ropes. Lifejackets will be provided, but you need to come prepared to be outside for a couple of hours. Soft-soled shoes, or boots that will give you adequate grip whilst not marking the decks are essential. Lots of warm layers are better than thick layers as you’ll get hot at times. Waterproofs are essential.

Event Format

Coaching & Sailing Workshop


Minimum: 4 - Maximum: 10

Running Time

Half a day (10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.) or (4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.) Customized schedules available

Key Elements

Coaching, Leadership, Team Roles, Teamwork, Emotional Intelligence, Communication.

The Coaching The Director of Coaching will enable participants to up skill teamwork and leadership abilities. An excellent approach to the workplace where analogies will be established in order to facilitate the change and revitalization of key areas such as leadership, decision making, distribution of roles, relationships, or ability to adapt to change.

Features of the Race Racing teams: 7 crew members per cruise plus a qualified skipper. Cruises: For the competition to be as balanced as possible, all cruises (2 or 3) will be 12 meters long and the same model. The committee boat: This boat will decide who the winner is. The boat will remain anchored during the race the race at the finish line. The lifeboat: There will be a lifeboat that can be also used for the photo/video reportage. Working breakfast and lunch on the terrace of the local RCN (Royal Nautic Club). Optional services: Customised polo shirts and hats for the racing teams. Customised side flags for all yachts.



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