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Design Thinking

Design thinking is an extraordinary tool to enhance creative confidence, optimal collaboration and experimentation. With Design Thinking you can create fitted solutions where even failure soon acquires a strategic role.

We revolutionise the corporate culture by transforming human teams and creative processes into strategic innovation values. Our team applies professional design experiences to the strategy, policies and culture of all types of organisations. Our aim is to change decision- making processes into more reasonable and focused, as well as more creative, playful and fun ones.

Who are our workshops for?

As a cultural mechanism, design enables us to uncover, shape and transmit alternative solutions to a problem. Meaning we can use it to shape the organisational culture and business model of any kind of company. The integration of design as part of open innovation in the DNA of companies is one of the biggest corporate challenges of the 21st century. That is why our training programs are addressed to all types of professional profiles. No previous experience or knowledge about any specific area is required.

Our courses and workshops are aimed at all those people interested in open innovation processes who seek creative inspiration and who work as a team and want to understand the needs of their users. This includes product designers and service or experience designers and social entrepreneurs, strategy managers, educators, and people passionate about politics, culture or marketing and business consulting.

Trainer’s Profile

The content of all available programs is the result of several years of experience facilitating Design thinking sessions. Graphic Designer and Master in Cultural Management I Barcelona University. His work over 15 years in the field of Training and Design Thinking has given him the freedom to experiment with creativity and co-creation through open innovation processes. In addition, he is a fan of divergent thinking as well as dinosaurs, movies and craft beer.

Relevant Trend

According to The Design Value Index, companies that bet on design in their strategy during the last 10 years maintained a competitive advantage that exceeded the S&P’s 500 index by 219%. We know today that 10% of the budget of these companies is intended to link design and business model strategy.