Madrid ships dozens of “Charity Bikes” to Peru from “Corporate Sustainable Events”

Press Release published by El Mundo Financiero: See Press Release. In small communities like Aldea del Niño Junípero in the Selva Alta of Peru, a bicycle can make a difference in a child’s education. Bicycles facilitate access to education for children and young people in areas where quality education is not guaranteed.

Below are some shots of the latest “Bicicletas Solidarias” upon arrival in 2023 to the Nopoki Shelter (Atalaya, Peru), created to help young students from remote underpriviledge native communities with no economic resources to cover their schooling. As Madre Coraje NGO explains, “Bicycles are really necessary and very welcome. The students use them to travel from the Nopoki Shelter to the city where they can go to the library or access the internet. The bikes are also used to move around the crop fields”.

Due, among others, to drug trafficking violence in certain areas of Peru, some foster boys and girls living in shelters and villages such as the Aldea del Niño Junípero are orphans, so their schooling, health care and maintenance depend on the villages and shelters themselves. Sometimes the charity bicycles are also used by young people to distribute the bread baked in the village daily or the crafts and homemade products with which the villages financed themselves. In other cases, foster children spend the school season away from their family in villages or foster homes such as Casa Santa Teresita de Jesús in Puerto Ocopa (Peru) due to the great distance existing between their homes and the nearest school. Likewise, dozens of chqrity bicycles have been donated locally in Madrid, for example to foster boys and girls through the NGO Increfam.