Team Building Events in Barcelona

Team Building Events in Barcelona

A Portfolio of +200 Team Building Events

+200 Team Building Events

Uno+Uno Team has been producing Team Building Events in Barcelona for 15 years delivering outstanding experiences to international companies like Caixabank, Google, Microsoft or Airbus. The Average Client Satisfaction on our services in 2021 was 9.75 over 10.

CaixaBank explored the crater of an impressive volcano with our team, PepsiCo had a great time sculpting the Sagrada Familia in the sand of the Barceloneta Beach, Izasa organized a glamorous Film Festival at the Porta Fira Hotel with an impact “20 times greater than expected”, Roche visited some idyllic vineyards next to the Muntanya de Montserrat also participating in an exciting MasterChef, Elsevier organized an unforgettable Charity Event for more than 100 people at the modern Barceló Sants Hotel with total client satisfaction (10 out of 10!). From an Outdoor Training with the Mind Coach of the 3 times Badminton World Champion Carolina Marín until a great Film Festival for 150 guests in the impressive Porta Fira Towers Hotel you have everything here.

The impressive settings at Barcelona and its area of influence from the Montseny or Montserrat Natural Park in Barcelona to the Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park in Girona, passing through villages with a very special charm such as Sitges or Sant Sadurní d ‘ Anoia will fit endless possibilities for your event: Innovate, create a Sand Sculpture in the Barcelona Beach | Build an Extraordinary Domino Effect | Enlist your team in an Adventure | Discover Barcelona with a challenging City Gaming | Live a night of Mystery with our Murder on The Trans-Siberian Express | Find a Treasure | Dazzle your team with a professional Film Festival | Immerse yourself in a Medieval Fiction in the style of Game of Thrones | Organise a Mountain Bike Challenge | Find a meaningful Charity Event | Design, build and program a Robot | Create, bottle and market your own wine | Produce a fun LipDub or a Corporate FlashMob | Discover your potential by participating in a Mindfulness Workshop …

At Uno+Uno Team we design and produce in-house all our team building events. We are proud to have been recognised for outstanding customer service. Our team of professionals work closely with trustworthy suppliers throughout Spain such as sailing schools, exclusive venues or NGO ́s. This way we ensure high quality standards that live up to our clients’ expectations. Let us know the goal of your event, the profile of your guests, your dates and within 24 hours you will receive a personalised offer.

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Art Challenge

Art Challenge is an arty team building event that will unleash the creativity. Online version available.

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Arquitectura Solidaria | Actividad /Evento de Team Building y RSC

Dream Building Bricks

Dream Building Bricks is a charity, creative, fun and intelligent team building.

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Range of Team Building Activities in Barcelona

The potencial of Team Building Events in contexts such as Training & Development, Leisure & Entertainment, Charity & Corporate Social Responsibility or Sportive is outstanding. Here are some ideas for your Team Building Event in Barcelona and surroundings. 


Outdoor Training

The success of a team depends not so much on the talent, the skills or the intelligence of its members, but on how the attitude of the team members accommodate and complement each other. Discover our portfolio of Training & Development Events facilitated by accredited professionals (Belbin®, Lego® Serious Play®…) for your training programs in Barcelona.


Team Building & Adventure

Raft building on stunning beaches, intrepid scavengers, recreation of survival scenarios in the mountains, the art of learning to live comfortably in a wilderness environment (Bushcraft) or themed dramatised adventures that will take you back to medieval times. Pick an adventure based team building event in Barcelona and live a memorable adventure.


Team Building & Culture

If you are organising a meeting or an incentive program in Barcelona for your company and are looking for an original, intelligent and fun team building event, this is right up your street. Our cultural team building events in Barcelona a true tourist attraction, are a great tool to stimulate teamwork whilst providing your guests with an insight into the  local culture.


Incentive Team Building

Our Team Building Events specially designed to be part of an Incentive Travel are very special events with the added values of reward and motivation through a unique, fun and creative team experience. Fly over a volcano crater aboard a hot air balloon; cast off and set sailing aboard a magnificent classic sailing yacht and enjoy breathtaking land and seascapes!


Indoor Team Building

Take a behind the scenes look at our indoor events and find out why clients from the UK, Germany, France or USA choose our events for their meetings in Barcelona. Many of our indoor events are classics that have been running for years like our regarded professional Film Festival, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts ©. Legendary TV Contests, casino, art challenge… feel the difference!


Outdoor Team Building

Team Building Events embodying an outstanding opportunity for an off the beaten track experience exploring areas of special beauty in Barcelona. From volcanoes and stunning beech forests settled over lava flows to rivers and valleys, with an abundance of wildlife, we can offer you an array of magnificent settings across Spain for your Outdoor Team Building Events.


Team Building & CSR

All our events are carbon neutral and contribute to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (Agenda 2030). The blueprint  to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. Discover our portfolio of innovative activities socially and environmentally responsible with a clear commitment to make a meaningful change. 


Sporting Events

Organise a Sporting Event and live the magic of sport with your teammates in top-notch sport venues around Barcelona. Federated referees, personalised sports equipment. Soccer, Padel, tennis, basketball… At Uno+Uno Team we would be most delighted to organise your company sports tournament or off-site!


Overseas Events

We hold strong partnerships in the United Kingdom and France that enable us to deliver outstanding events in those countries. If you are planning an event abroad and would like to take your trustworthy supplier with you, we would be delighted to help.

Learning by Doing

Well designed and well managed, a Team Building program is an excellent tool to energize work teams. Our team training programs are based on Experiential Learning (Learning by Doing) and create scenarios that place participants and teams in an unusual environment outside their comfort zone. The success of a team depends not so much on the talent, qualifications or intelligence of its members, but more on how the behaviour of each of its members is accommodated and complemented. If we try to list the ideal qualities of a manager we will realize that far too many of them are mutually exclusive: decisive and reflective, strong and assertive but sensitive to people’s feelings, a fluent communicator and a good listener and so on.

However, while probably no individual can combine all those often mutually incompatible characteristics, a team of individuals certainly can, and often does. This is why it is not the individual but the team that is the instrument of sustained and enduring success in management whether this is within an educational, sports or work context. A team can renew and regenerate itself, build up a store of shared and collectively owned experience, information and judgement. This store can be passed on as seniors depart and juniors arrive. And it can be in ten places at once.

Based on the work of R. Meredith Belbin – Management Teams, Why they succeed or fail – Copyright © Belbin Associates, UK.

Working Safely (Covid-19)

Covid-19 Prevention

We follow the Guidelines and Recommendations of the Institute for Spanish Tourism Quality.

Face Masks

Optional use of face masks according to the preferences of the client.


Organise your event indoors or outdoors. Plenty of options available.

Temperature Checks

Laser temperature check to participants and organisers prior to the start of all events.


Disinfection of all equipment to be used during the events with bactericidal.


Hydroalcoholic gel dispensers available on all indoor and outdoor events.

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