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Granada was the last Arabic city to be re-conquered by the Christians, putting to an end an empire of 7 centuries, and the best example of the magnificence of Islamic architecture. The well-known Alhambra is a wonder in itself, far beyond opinions or preferences. Nowadays Granada shines as a lively town inhabited by thousands of students mingling with armies of tourists coming from all over the world in search of its charming corners. Have you ever been in an urban square where birds’ whistles rise above traffic noises? In Granada you will find this and a lot more!

How about a treasure hunt in Albayzin quarter, visiting La Alhambra just in front and tasting some “tapas” on the way? Have you heard about the Sacromonte Caves, some of them almost in ruins but having next door some others with Internet connection? Or maybe you fancy a glass of wine in a “tablao flamenco”, where “cantaores y bailaores” finish their performances sharing the stage with half of the public? Granada offers beautiful beaches and awesome mountains as well, all within a 1 hour trip. A team building here is guaranty of success, since Granada never lets anybody down.

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Outdoor Challenge

An Orienteering Team Building Event embodying an outstanding opportunity for an off the beaten track experience…

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We offer you the opportunity to organize sailing regattas and professional regattas in the most prestigious Clubs in Spain.

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Murder on The Trans-Siberian Express

An Interactive Murder Mystery where you can freely talk to actors and have the story unfold through your interactions with them.

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Murder Mystery

Murder Mystery is an intelligent game that takes place in Boston during the 1920s. Each participant will represent a character.

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Mountain Bike

An outdoor Team Building Event that runs through outstanding natural landscapes…

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Spanish MasterChef & Gourmet

Any delicacy has a place in this event, from regional culinary traditions to modern cuisine.

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Team building &

Learning By Doing

Well designed and well managed, a Team Building program is an excellent tool to energize work teams. Our team training programs are based on Experiential Learning (Learning by Doing) and create scenarios that place participants and teams in an unusual environment outside their comfort zone. The success of a team depends not so much on the talent, qualifications or intelligence of its members, but more on how the behaviour of each of its members is accommodated and complemented. If we try to list the ideal qualities of a manager we will realize that far too many of them are mutually exclusive: decisive and reflective, strong and assertive but sensitive to people’s feelings, a fluent communicator and a good listener and so on.

However, while probably no individual can combine all those often mutually incompatible characteristics, a team of individuals certainly can, and often does. This is why it is not the individual but the team that is the instrument of sustained and enduring success in management whether this is within an educational, sports or work context. A team can renew and regenerate itself, build up a store of shared and collectively owned experience, information and judgement. This store can be passed on as seniors depart and juniors arrive. And it can be in ten places at once.

Based on the work of R. Meredith Belbin – Management Teams, Why they succeed or fail – Copyright © Belbin Associates, UK.

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