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The capital of Guipuzcoa is a city of contrasts, new and old at the same time, because, culturally, its citizens share belonging to one of the most ancient peoples of Europe: the Basques. San Sebastián is the city of Pintxos (basque tapa). This is one of the many attractions that bring visitors to one of the smallest Spanish provinces, covered in its entirety by mountains and crossed by no less than six rivers that course through a succession of green and fertile valleys, and bounded to its north by a coastline of rocky bays and small, delightful beaches.

Nonetheless, if Perretxikos, Kokotxas, Marmitako, Bacalao al Pil Pil or Txangurro (typical cuisine) form the signature element of the province, the tiny bay of La Concha that encloses the most aristocratic of the four beaches of the capital is surely its most enduring image. Both the city of San Sebastián and the beautiful inland villages offer excellent settings and venues to develop a team building event "in the Basque way".