Team Building Events in Bilbao

Team Building Events in Bilbao

A Portfolio of +200 Team Building Events

+200 Team Building Events

Uno+Uno Team produces Team Building Events in Bilbao since 2006 delivering outstanding experiences to companies like Siemens-Gamesa, Orange, Alstom o L’Oréal. The Average Client Satisfaction on our services in 2020 was 9.75 over 10. 

The outstanding venues and settings in Bilbao and its area of influence are endless. Likewise the possibilities for your Team Building Event in Bilbao event are huge: From a Film Festival to a Master Chef, from a Sand Sculpting workshop to a GPS Treasure Hunt you have everything here! 

The Bilbao of Guggenheim is a city that has displaced its centre towards the estuary district that until recently was an industrial area. Now, in a stunning transformation, what was a manufacturing city has become a modern business capital and a focus of tourism attracted to the city’s new contemporary image, no less contributed in part by the new Metro, some of its stations designed by Sir Norman Foster, the airport by Santiago Calatrava and the Euskalduna Conference Centre. Its tiny old quarter, known as the “seven streets”, is full of friendly bars in which to snack or relax entertained by folk-song groups of Txikiteros who complete four of the grand passions of the Bilbainos, food, txikitos, (small glasses of white wine), choral singing and friendship. And that sums up Bilbao, a cosmopolitan city, tolerant and open, making no distinction in background or culture. Finally, the good network of highways, the city’s infrastructure and the fabulous atmosphere turn Bilbao into an excellent destination for your team building event.

We take care of each client’s event with the same passion that made us start this project 15 years ago. Here you are some ideas for your Team Building Event in Bilbao: Build an Extraordinary Domino Effect | Enlist your team in an outdoor Adventure | Discover Bilbao with a challenging City Gaming | Live a night of Mystery with our Murder on The Trans-Siberian Express | Find a Treasure | Dazzle your team with a professional Film Festival | Find a meaningful Charity Event | Design, build and program a Robot  | Produce a fun LipDub or Corporate FlashMob | Discover your potential by participating in a Mindfulness Workshop…

At Uno+Uno Team we design and produce in-house all our team building events. We are proud to have been recognised for outstanding customer service. Our team of professionals work closely with trustworthy suppliers throughout Spain such as sailing schools, exclusive venues or NGO ́s. This way we ensure high quality standards that live up to our clients’ expectations. Let us know the goal of your event, the profile of your guests, your dates and within 24 hours you will receive a personalised offer

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Padel Tournament

Enjoy sports with your coworkers and promote the practice of sport by organizing a Corporate Paddle Tournament

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The Academy of Motion Picture Arts

It is a professional film workshop specially designed for corporate groups, a professional film production

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The competition does not take place individually but in teams, precisely rewarding teamwork

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Skyscrapers © is an original, fun and intelligent team building. Participants will form teams and compete in a macro-construction with LEGO® pieces.

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Sitges 1492

Desde el primer momento los equipos comienzan a trabajar consiguiendo objetivos en equipo

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Robinson Crusoe

Your team is completely alone on a virgin island of extraordinary beauty with no water, food or shelter in sight.

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Learning by Doing

Well designed and well managed, a Team Building program is an excellent tool to energize work teams. Our team training programs are based on Experiential Learning (Learning by Doing) and create scenarios that place participants and teams in an unusual environment outside their comfort zone. The success of a team depends not so much on the talent, qualifications or intelligence of its members, but more on how the behaviour of each of its members is accommodated and complemented. If we try to list the ideal qualities of a manager we will realize that far too many of them are mutually exclusive: decisive and reflective, strong and assertive but sensitive to people’s feelings, a fluent communicator and a good listener and so on.

However, while probably no individual can combine all those often mutually incompatible characteristics, a team of individuals certainly can, and often does. This is why it is not the individual but the team that is the instrument of sustained and enduring success in management whether this is within an educational, sports or work context. A team can renew and regenerate itself, build up a store of shared and collectively owned experience, information and judgement. This store can be passed on as seniors depart and juniors arrive. And it can be in ten places at once.

Based on the work of R. Meredith Belbin – Management Teams, Why they succeed or fail – Copyright © Belbin Associates, UK.

Working Safely (Covid-19)

Training Covid-19

Our Team is trained in Covid-19 Prevention Measures (Red Cross Course) & Internal Protocol.

Face Masks

Mandatory face masks in all indoor events during the activity.

Safe Distance

Both participants and facilitators will keep a distance of at least 1.5 metres from each other during the activity.

Temperature Checks

Laser temperature check to both professionals and participants prior to the start of each activity.


Disinfection of all personal equipment with bactericidal. Each venue will also apply their own Covid-19 protocol.


Regular handwashing with hydroalcoholic gel available during the activity.