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The Water Way is a team exercise, an interactive learning activity that confronts participants with the situations and problems that commonly arise with managing projects cross countries. Participants will have the opportunity to see the consequences of the decisions they make. Likewise, they will also be able to track the evolution of multiple parameters such as costs, timeline, quality control and human factors. The simulation provides an opportunity for learners to solve typical project management problems, to make mistakes and analyze them. Success is not guaranteed!

Scenario and values for your Team Building - Your team´s mission would be to build world's finest free access drinking water system, unparalleled in scope, reliability, endurance and safety record - The values for your project would be: Innovation, specialisation, human factor, collaboration and planning. Get your team involved in the process of creating and maintaining a plan in a relaxed, original and enjoyable scenario in which the fear of failure does not exist. The Water Way © International Project Management Simulation

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