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The Academy of Motion Picture Arts © is a professional Filmmaking workshop and Film Festival designed for corporate groups. The gigantic team project that involves a professional film production of any kind, whether this is a commercial spot, a lip dub or a short film, represents an excellent opportunity to foster teamwork.

But our film academy is not just a Team Building Event. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts is also a five-star corporate show that your guests will remember for a long time. Actors, Directors, Producers, Make-up artists, Hair stylists, Clapper operators, Camera operators, Sound technicians, Lighting technicians, Assistants, Boom operators, Editors, Screenwriters, Scripts, Presenters… and of course films. Film noir, action, drama, adventure, fiction, comedy, crime, musical, gangster… and glamour, loads of it. Best Film, Dest Director, Best Producer, Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Screenplay... A top-notch Hollywood style Film Festival and Awards Ceremony that will put the icing on the cake.

Create content to feed your Social Networks (Viral Marketing - Brand Awareness) or your company's Intranet (Internal Communication Strategy). Create brand recognition, congratulate your friends in London, Paris or New York or simply enjoy a super production.... But do not miss it !!

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