SMART Team ! © The Legendary Contest is an electrifying large format competition with all the ingredients of the great contests produced for TV: presenters, hosts, impossible challenges, excitement, key questions…

The staging… professional sound, professional wireless microphones, giant projection screen (to be provided by the venue), digital projection and lighting programmable coloured LED to give the final touch to a magical staging…

Event Format

Team Building Indoor


Mínimum: 15 - Máximum: 1000+

Running Time

2H I Adaptable from 30Min to 3H

Key Elements

Creativity, Innovation, Teamwork and Team Empowerment

SMART Team ! presents an important uniqueness regarding large format TV contests… the competition does not develop individually but by teams, rewarding the best teamwork practise to overcome the various stages of the competition and of course, the final!

SMART Team ! is a contest suitable for mixed spaces (Function room & Gardens) with a flexible duration as from 90 (ideal for Conference Breakouts) to 180 min (Team Building / Incentives) and a number of participants from 20 to 300 + people being more fun the more people involved.

Compete in a dizzying race team to build a wooden skyscraper up to 2m high, defuse a toxic waste before detonation, answers key questions or demonstrate your ingenuity performing an escapism exercise.

Make the difference with a legendary company contest!



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