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Medieval Adventure © Team Building is a fabulous themed event. From the very start participants are immersed in the Middle Age. In this surprising scenario, success will depend on how teams follow traditional costumes and tackle Medieval Challenges. Participants formed into teams will try to conquer the castle and pay tribute to the queen. The final mission will be to take over the watchtower, where the King keeps the booty gathered year-on-year by dubious means. Before making it to the watchtower some tough difficulties must be tackled.

Thus, teams must find a way to pass through the crocodile pit and knock down the walls with a hand-made ballista, but once they are inside the real challenge begins: the castle is inhabited by all sorts of medieval characters who will test the teams on various Team Building challenges.How would your team manage an audience with the Kings or an interview with the Inquisition? It will not be easy either to escape from the dungeons or to defeat the Templar Knights using medieval weapons, and besides that you will have to deal with other surprises and dire situations such as encounters with witches, beggars, fairies...

And after a crusade like this it's mandatory an old fashion banquet in the castle plenty of food and beverage.  The banquet will be hosted by the Kings who will be honoured to invite all participants and characters together as their most welcomed guests. Medieval Adventure... ¡A truly unforgettable event!

Uno+Uno Team ® The Team Building Company