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Team up in the Air is an exciting team competition on board of hot air balloons! The event combines decision-making, leadership, communication and problem solving skills with a breathtaking balloon flight. During the event, participants tackle all sort of challenges before, during and after the flight with the help of a professional pilot. We can organize the Team up in the Air in various destinations throughout Spain for groups from 10 to 150 people, adapting the program to the specific needs of your event.

The activity can start the night before at the hotel, with a brief explanation of the team event. As an inspirational element, we can show a film projection of any of the Balloon Professional Expeditions undertaken by the team to the Amazon the Sahara, the Artic... The event will make a start by distributing participants into different teams of 4-8 pax each (subject to change). Every team will be provided with their own hot air balloon, telecommunications equipment, a 4-wheel drive car, a professional pilot, a driver and additional equipment.

Piloting a balloon takes skill, but the controls are actually very simple. To lift the balloon, the pilot moves a control that opens up the propane valve. This lever works just like the knobs on a gas grill or stove: As you turn it, the flow of gas increases, so the flame Grows in size. The pilot can increase the vertical speed by blasting a larger flame to heat the air more. Team up in the Air combines effective teamwork with the emotions, relaxation and deep pleasure of a memorable hot air balloon flight with breathtaking views...

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