Charity Team Building


Charity Team Building

The time has come to reduce the gap that Covid-19 has opened in our Primary Education Schools, especially among the most vulnerable. We all face an extraordinary social, health and economic challenge. A decisive moment for those of us who have the responsibility to overcome it and hand over a better world to the new emerging society.  The gap will not be solved only with your help, but if we work together, each contributing the best of himself, we will take a step forward. We also count with CSR Events and Activities to preserve the biodiversity around you.

Event Format

Online or Face-to Face (Indoor & Outdoor)


Minimum: 6
Maximum: 500+

Running Time

From 1H to Full day

Key elements

Charity, CSR, Biodiversity Teamwork, Sense of Belonging.

Sustainable Development GoalS | 2030 Agenda

All our CSR and Charity Events aim to sensitise participants to the values that serve as the foundation to the Sustainable Development Goals contained in the United Nations 2030 Agenda, the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.

Online or Face-to-Face Events

Discover our innovative Event formats with Zero Covid-19 transmission risk.

Together we can make a difference

Give your team the opportunity to express their solidarity by organising an online or face-to-face event with all the Preventive measures for Covid-19 and We in turn will donate an online, remote or face-to-face Educational Program to the local Public School of your choice as a courtesy and with the sponsorship of your company (Promotion Covid-19 – Terms Apply). At Uno+Uno Team we have been running Charity Team Building Events for 10 years. Companies like Google (Ireland), Corona (México), Airbus (Spain) or Elsevier (Spain) amongst others count their charity team building events with us as great successes.

Promotion Covid-19

This is what we can contribute with from Uno+Uno Team ®: 

  • With the purchase of any (online or face-to-face) Team Building Event, Training Program or Audiovisual Production, we will donate an Educational Program (online, remote or face-to-face) to the local Public School of your choice as a courtesy and with the sponsorship of your company.
  • Online and remote Team Building Events with Zero Covid-19 transmission risk.
  • Face-to-face outdoor events for small groups with all the Covid-19 Protective  Measures.
  • Extraordinarily competitive rates.
  • Our innovative portfolio of Events
  • The guarantee of working with your trustworthy professional team at Uno+Uno Team.
  • We take care of all the necessary details to successfully channel the solidarity efforts of your company.
  • Promotion valid until 31.10.2020, subject to availability.
  • The choice of the Primary Education College receiving the donation will be made by the client.
  • Promotion subject to a minimum billing of € 2,000+VAT in any Team Building Event, Training Program or Audiovisual Production  (external services such as venues, transport or restaurants excluded)
  • The purchases that do not reach the minimum billing can benefit from the promotion by making an extra payment of € 250+VAT.
  • The school receiving the donation must be a Public School of Primary Education in a vulnerable situation.
  • Face-to-face Educational Programs will be held at the facilities of the Primary Education College receiving the donation. If the school selected by the client is based outside of the Community of Madrid there will be an extra payment of 250€+VAT on travel expenses.
  • Online or remote Educational Programs will be delivered remotely.

events portfolio

We have also extraordinary off-catalog events. Please contact us to receive a personalised proposal within 24H.

  • Todo
  • Indoor
  • Online
  • Outdoor

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"Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country"


Training Covid-19

Our Team is trained in Covid-19 Prevention Measures (Red Cross Course) & Internal Protocol.

Face Masks

Both participants and facilitators will use face masks at all times during the activity.

Safe Distance

Both participants and facilitators will keep a distance of at least 1.5 metres from each other during the activity.

Temperature Checks

Laser temperature check to both professionals and participants prior to the start of each activity.


Disinfection of all personal equipment with bactericidal. Each venue will also apply their own Covid-19 protocol.


Regular handwashing with hydroalcoholic gel available during the activity.

Shall we work together?