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The idea of Casino is often identified with luxury, glamorous men and women in spectacular suits and jewelry, entering the palace of vice to spend their millions. In our Entertainment Event Casino you will experience the glamour, driven woman, powerful men, elegant evening dresses, emotion, blue chips, but we substitute vice for a great deal of fun, a sharp sense of humor and charming corporate little prizes for the winners!

When walking into the casino saloon, participants will be immediately involved in a genuine scenario: Tarantino or Blues Brothers style of music, elegant VIP people, Croupiers, roulette, black jack, poker... All teams will have an opening balance in chips and a clear goal ... to be the winners of the night! The bets in our Casino are open. Teams will play against each other and at times against the dealer making it possible for them to win (or lose!) larger amounts of counterfeited cash!!... So get all dressed up and don´t leave you sense of humor behind…The game begins right here!

Uno+Uno Team ® The Team Building Company