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One of our production team’s main specialties is the design and creation of theatrical team-building events.  These events powerfully reconstruct the historical place that once was, by demonstrating the faithful nurturing of its history over time through reenactments of original scenarios from the past. A Journey Through Time is just one example of our theatrical events.

In that, if the Journey was to take place in Toledo for example, the participants would have the honour of speaking with Alfoso X or El Greco; in Madrid Luis Candelas or Carlos III would entrust them with Court matters and proceedings of great importance; whilst in Granada they would have their very own García Lorca or Califa Boabdil; they might even find themselves amongst the likes of Becquer in Seville or even maybe speaking with Cid in Burgos. There’s also the possibility of rubbing shoulders with Vikings on the Galician coast, fighting pirates in the Catalonian seas or reminiscing with Romans in Mérida; and then of course there’s the option of moving away from Spain all together…

A Journey Through Time is an especially appealing and innovative event for groups of foreigners that wish to get closer to the riches of Spanish history and its traditions, thus it’s perfect for all those who would like to experience an intrepid team building adventure with a daring twist.

As with all of Uno+Uno’s team building events , A Journey Through Time has an up-beat pace in which the participants will see themselves being plunged into the scenario from the very first moment, and the winning team is that which demonstrates intelligence, an ability to observe and show an overall captivating performance singling them out as being victorious. Once you’ve chosen your destination, be sure to be in touch with our team of professionals for them to personally design your very own Journey Through Time.

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