Treasure Island is a particularly unique 5-star event based on a treasure hunt located on islands such as, Menorca, Mallorca or Tenerife.  The ideal duration of this event is of 2 - 3 days and is often seen as being a mini incentive event although it's certainly achievable with a more competitive budget. The participants, divided into groups, are provided with the necessary equipment to carry out the island treasure hunt: maps, GPS, digital cameras...

Each team will have available a means of transport for the ocean passage between small coves where they will have short stop-overs in order to collect pieces of information and clues which have been strategically hidden by the event monitors, who will additionally suggest various team building exercises for the participants during their island adventure. On board the vessels, participants will enjoy the breeze, the sun and the sea while they collaborate in sailing tasks. The choice of the ship is yours: XIX century inspired schooners or brigs made of noble woods, modern sailing ships, motorized launches, out-board dinghies...

The possibilities are infinite: they range from the search of submarine clues for the more adventurous ones, to the finding and retrieving of the treasure key from the bottom of the sea; or to the construction of drift-wood rafts on virgin beaches. As the grand finale for the winning team there will be a fly-over of the islands in small sea planes, or hot-air balloons, passing over the site of the hidden treasure buried for example beneath the beautiful Menorcan cove of Cala n' Porter with the final spectacle being the impressive panoramic view of the Xoroi cove situated only meters away.

For the stages on solid ground the teams will use air-conditioned 4x4s which they will have at their own disposal during their free-time. The islands of Menorca, Mallorca and Tenerife offer an incomparable advantage for an activity such as this, presenting incredible spots of paradise, gorgeous beaches, enchanting towns and very rare forms of natural beauty. The proposed trip and the leisure time mean that at the end of the event the participants return home with not only a bigger smile but a greater knowledge of the island, its hidden pleasures and the marvelous people from various view points: from the ground, the sea and the air.

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