Outdoor Challenge is an Orienteering Team Building Event embodying an outstanding opportunity for an off the beaten track experience exploring areas of special beauty in Spain. From volcanoes and stunning beech forests settled over lava flows to rivers and valleys, with an abundance of wildlife, we can offer you an array of magnificent settings across Spain for your Outdoor Challenge.

Orienteering is a sport and can be both competitive and non competitive, depending on your requirements. Whilst the activity is physical in nature, the courses can be set up over a range of distances and difficulty levels according to the experience of the group and their ability and the needs of the program. We run successful programs from complete beginners to experienced groups.

Our qualified outdoor instructors plot the routes and are on hand to assist groups during the event without interfering in the teams’ strategy. After the initial training on orienteering and a full safety briefing teams head out into the woods equipped with a map, a compass, a walkie-talkie and a GPS (for emergency use only). Teams navigate in sequence between all marked checked points deciding on the best route to complete the course in the nature.

The activity combines navigational challenges with (optional) integrated team tasks demanding (i.e.) Problem Solving, Lateral Thinking or Communication Skills. Depending on your preferences and what is available in the local area, we can also incorporate BTT (mountain bikes) or kayaks to be used by the teams in their course.

Upon completion of the Outdoor Challenge we all share a well-deserved meal at a charming local restaurant. Finally and depending on the needs of the program we can arrange an in-depth debrief to be held after the activity back in the hotel. Assessment of Strengths and Weaknesses, Careful planning, Team Role Assignment, Goal Setting, Leadership, Handling Burdens… magnificent lakes, picturesque fields of poppies, blue skies… Outdoor Challenge, your off the beaten track team building adventure in Spain!